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CYCLO Sustainable Menstruation was born with a specific goal that all girls and women have access to menstrual education.

We have created a virtual space where you will find courses, workshops, and pedagogical material for you to learn how to live your menstruation positively.

Welcome to CYCLO School

A place to learn about menstrual education


On-site training

In addition to our online courses, we offer on-site training in educational institutions and companies. These trainings that we have been offering since the foundation of this project in 2016 are the reason CYCLO was born. We have helped hundreds of girls and women to reconcile with their menstruation.

Courses in schools

We want all people, regardless of their origin, education and economic level, to receive quality menstrual education.
That's why if you belong to an organized group or NGO of women and/or people at risk of social exclusion or if you are a school, institute, university or youth association, we'd like to give you the chance of receiving a pro-bono workshop on sustainable menstruation.

This service is available only in Spain.


Training courses for companies

We spend a third of our day at work and we menstruate on average for about 40 years of our lives. Can you imagine learning how to get along with your menstruation at work so that it becomes a positive experience?

Did you know that you can take advantage of your menstrual cycle in order to be more productive and creative?

We'd like to give you the opportunity to receive our training "CYCLO and Work" in your company. If you work in a company where social responsibility, sustainability, and gender equality are important issues, do not hesitate to ask us for more information.