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25,90 €

ALSO AVAILABLE IN TWO PACK* Menstrual cup made with 100% hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. Cotton bag included

61,60 € 73,60 €
73,60 € 61,60 €

9,50 €

Can you imagine a delicious infusion that really helps you calm your menstrual pain?   It will reduce your swelling, relieving and helping you flow and feel better. Plus, berries and vanilla flavor...

9,50 €

Would you like to prepare your body for the menstrual phase? This infusion with hints of lemon and ginger will help you to reduce inflammation and prevent menstrual pain. 80 gr bag that will last...

15,90 €

Pack of 3 day cloth pads for 41,91€* CYCLO forever is our ecological cloth pads line – comfortable, soft and breathable reusable pads.