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From Potions BCN they bring us their master formula for menstruation. Essential oils with aromatherapeutic properties that will help you better cope with menstrual cramps.



A combination of essential oils that helps to boost your mood, ease the tension that comes with menstrual pain and that generally makes your life happier with that wonderful smell. Plus, its roll-on applicator makes it very pleasant.

This roll-on is an extra resource so that we avoid immediate self-medicating when we are not too well. Do you suffer from migraines? Enjoy a little massage at your temples or apply it behind your ears ... you will notice a difference! Do you feel discomfort in your lower abdomen? Massage this area with the roll-on for a few minutes while lying down.

Perfect to combine with our CYCLO heat pad and with our soothing infusion.

For specific pain, apply it in circles at your temples, wrists and behind your ears or on the sides of your nose and enjoy its wonderful smell. For constant and more intense pain, apply it to the area of your uterus.

It contains:

Made with macadamia oil *, ylang ylang * pure essential oil, peppermint * and geranium *. * ecological farming ingredients.

Ylang ylang essential oil (flower of flowers) is a powerful antidepressant that works very well in times of greater stress, sadness or irritability. Plus, it has antispasmodic properties that reduce menstrual cramps.

Peppermint has a great analgesic and anti-inflammatory power. Besides, peppermint also improves swelling and soothes muscle and joint pain.

Geranium is not only anti-inflammatory but also balances the nervous and endocrine systems.

Container: Amber glass bottle with metallic roll-on.

Capacity: 15 ml

kind of product :MENSTRUAL PAIN