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Cloth pantyliners - Thong

12,90 € 11,00 €

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Pack of 3 cloth thong pantyliners for 34,90€*

CYCLO reusable pantyliners are comfortable, soft, 100% hypoallergenic and breathable, but with a special PUL layer that makes them waterproof. They're perfect to live your menstruation sustainably and respecting your skin.



Ecological cotton pantyliner for thong

The ecological cotton pantyliner for thong thus becomes a perfect alternative to live your menstruation on days of heavy bleeding or to use together with your menstrual cup. It is also an ideal option for women who have a lot of vaginal discharge on some days of their cycles.

CYCLO pantyliner for thong is made of ecological cotton, is reusable, comfortable and 100% hypoallergenic.

Our cloth pantyliners are the ultimate solution for people with high sensitivity to synthetic products, with frequent infections or allergic reactions.

They are also a perfect option for young girls because their use is very similar to that of a  conventional pantyliner. Ecological cloth pantyliners are a perfect alternative to live your menstruation in a sustainable way, respecting your skin and the planet.

CYCLO cloth pantyliners are made with 100% ecological cotton fabric, they are toxic-free and without any dyes touching your skin. The cotton fabric facing your body is white so that you can see whether they are clean or not.

Depending on the absorbency, each cloth pad model has one or several inner layers. This cloth pantyliner has 2 layers of absorption (++) . It is an ecological cotton core of a special hatch that effectively absorbs menstrual flow. Inside the reusable pad there is a PUL layer, a waterproof fabric Oeko-tex certified. This layer prevents blood flooding and keeps your underwear stain-free.

The last layer is a brown ecological cotton layer, which makes the pads beautiful and smooth.

CYCLO ecological pantyliners are produced in Spain and handmade by a craftswoman in Asturias.  This makes each pad and each pantyliner unique, with superior quality that allows them to be used for up to 3 years.

How to wash your cloth pantyliner?

In order to wash your cotton pantyliner, the only thing that you must do is rinse the stain out with cold water and neutral soap as soon as you remove it from your underwear and put it in the washing machine with your clothes or cloth pads. 

To keep them clean and stain-free, the best thing to do is to let them dry in a place where there is light or sunlight. The sun has whitening properties that will make the organic pantyliner keep its white color.

Advantages of reusable pantyliners

  • They are toxin-free and totally hypoallergenic. These facts make reusable pads an ideal product for people with hypersensitivity and recurrent allergies.

  • They do not irritate or sting. Unlike disposable pads, cloth pads do not cause skin irritation. They are breathable and waterproof: this provides comfort without losing functionality. In addition, they do not change your vaginal pH. 
  • They don't smell nor do they produce bad odors, as they do not contain any type of chemical or perfumes. These toxic substances usually produce strong odors when they are in contact with menstrual blood.

  • They don't slide around. They have a clip that allows you to adjust the cloth pad to your underwear without problems. In this way, we avoid the use of glue and chemical adhesives.

  • They are durable. If you follow the instructions carefully, they can be reused for up to 3 years.

Cloth pantyliners sizes

kind of product :CLOTH PADS
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