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OVA Plus

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Ova Plus device is a TENS device that relieves menstrual pain naturally and without medication, thanks to a slight electrical current applied on your skin.

Spare electrodes available


What is Ova Plus?

Ova Plus device is a TENS device that relieves menstrual pain naturally and without medication, thanks to a slight electrical current applied on your skin.

Ova Plus has been clinically tested and designed by a team specialized in the development of TENS units (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). Besides, this device has been developed together with women who suffer from menstrual pain. They took part in clinical studies and in the development of this device.

It is a portable, comfortable and lightweight menstrual pain device that does not produce side effects. This is one of its main advantages over traditional medicine to relieve pain. 

How does Ova Plus work for menstrual pain?

Ova Plus applies a slight electric current to the skin via two electrode patches. These adhesive patches can be placed in your lower abdomen, in your lower back or where the pain is more intense.

The slight currents (intensity can be regulated according to the level of pain) alter your body's ability to perceive pain signals and favor the secretion of endorphins, our natural analgesic. On the other hand, they also favor muscle-relaxation in the uterus area, relieving the contractions of menstruation.

Ova Plus has 4 different programs, for different types of pain. This way, you can try them all and find the one that works best for you. Besides, this will also allow you to switch from one program to another to avoid the accommodation effect.

When do I have to use it?

This device is recommended for severe abdominal or pelvic pain when you are menstruating or on the days before it, also known as dysmenorrhea. It serves both for primary dysmenorrhea (acute or spasmodic pain), and for secondary (heavier and more continuous pain).

It can also be especially useful in conditions of chronic menstrual pain such as endometriosis, fibroids or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Menstrual pain can have a very important impact on your quality of life and sometimes causes many women and girls to be absent from work or school.

Ova Plus is an effective solution for menstrual pain and a non-invasive, safe, portable method that will allow you to continue with your normal life activities.  You can have it with you all day under your clothes and turn it on, off or regulate intensity as appropriate without removing the electrodes. Plus, this device does not produce side effects, as with some pain relievers.

Where to buy Ova tens

You can buy Ova TENS in CYCLO Sustainable Menstruation, on our website: www.ilovecyclo.com under the section “menstrual pain.” You can also find electrode spare parts for Ova Plus.

This device for menstrual pain has a 2-year warranty.

Does it have any contraindications?

Contraindications of Ova Plus are the same as other TENS for pain. These devices rarely produce side effects and are very easy to apply, but it is important to avoid their use in the following cases:

  • People with pacemakers
  • Pregnant women
  • Epilepsy
  • Do not place on recent wounds or open cuts
  • Do not place in the area of the larynx, trachea or face 

Endometriosis and Ova Plus

Endometriosis is an inflammatory, chronic, benign tumor disease that causes pain and has no cure. This disease that might be hereditary and is fed by estrogens, affects the immune system and is not limited to the reproductive system of women who suffer from it. It is invasive and potentially disabling due to pain.

Ova Plus applies vibrations that alter the body's ability to receive and perceive pain signals. That is why it can be a great option for people suffering from endometriosis, not only because it helps to relieve pain but also, it allows them to carry on with their lives normally.

However, in cases of endometriosis, it is essential to: have good menstrual counseling; have a change of lifestyle habits; to reduce exposure to estrogens in food and environment. Using hypoallergenic feminine hygiene products and organic materials such as the menstrual cup or organic cloth pads; going to a gynecologist and endocrine experts in endometriosis and working on the psychosexual aspects of the disease is also advisable.


  • 1 Ova Plus device (Measures 3.8cm x 6.5cm x 0.9cm)
  • 1 pack of 2 self-adhesive electrodes, 50x90mm
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 belt clip support to be attached to clothing
  • 1 user guide in Spanish
  • 1 storage pouch

Ova Plus electrode spare parts *

Ova Plus electrodes have a lifespan of approximately 15 to 20 uses. Then, you can purchase spare parts on our website.

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