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Menstrual relieving infusion

9,50 €

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Can you imagine a delicious infusion that really helps you calm your menstrual pain?   It will reduce your swelling, relieving and helping you flow and feel better. Plus, berries and vanilla flavor is a gift for your senses! 80 gr bag that will last for many cycles.



Our soft rooibos completely organic is composed of a mixture of herbs, especially combined to relieve discomfort during menstruation. The digestive power of wild rose and hibiscus, the anti-inflammatory touch of berries and marigold, combined with the incredible flavor of vanilla.

We have selected a set of herbs, perfect for menstruation, and with regulatory properties of our cycle.  Our goal is to relieve your pain and so, turn your menstruation into a pleasant experience.

Our advice is to prepare a liter of this infusion a day before and on the first day of your menstruation and drink it throughout the whole day. However, you can drink it whenever you want or when your body most needs it.

Not only does it relieve pain but also, this infusion soothes swelling of this phase of the menstrual cycle and aids to make the uterus contractions less strong. Especially when you drink it warm, it will make it easier for menstrual blood to flow through your uterus and be expelled without discomfort.


Apple, natural rooibos, hibiscus, wild rose, orange peel, fennel, natural aroma, marigold, raspberry, strawberry, apricot, vanilla bourbon. 

Libre de gluten.

All our ingredients come from ecological farming.

kind of product :MENSTRUAL PAIN