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Anti-inflammatory infusion

9,50 €

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Would you like to prepare your body for the menstrual phase?

This infusion with hints of lemon and ginger will help you to reduce inflammation and prevent menstrual pain.

80 gr bag that will last for many cycles.



In CYCLO we are all-in for living our menstruation positively, toxin-free, respecting our health and our planet. 

So, one of our favorite ways to treat menstrual discomfort is through infusions for menstrual cramps.
This anti-inflammatory infusion, that smells like a stroll in the countryside surrounded by lemon trees, is perfect to prepare your body for the menstrual phase.
When you drink it on your premenstrual phase, it helps to prevent inflammation that usually accompanies us during this stage of the cycle causing pain and discomfort.

Ginger and turmeric are its two-star anti-inflammatory ingredients, giving it an extra dose of antioxidants. Combined with lemon, they help improve digestion and reduce swelling of the days before your menstruation. 

On the other hand, cinnamon improves blood circulation helping your menstrual flow and balancing blood sugar levels.

You can drink this infusion on the days before your menstruation when you feel discomfort, and also on those days when you feel heavier or more swollen than usual. You can take it whenever you want or when your body most needs it.

You can also drink this natural rooibos cold, with ice, natural lemon, and your favorite sweetener. It smells so good that you'll want to have it even when you're not menstruating!


Citronella, linden flowers, chamomile, lemon balm, lemon peel, ginger, anise, cinnamon sticks, valerian, sage, clove, turmeric, and lemon-scented tea tree.


All our ingredients come from ecological farming.

kind of product :MENSTRUAL PAIN