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Anna Menstrual Panties

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Leakproof, antibacterial and ecological menstrual panties that absorb your menstruation. Live your menstruation in the most comfortable way without the need to use anything else.


FRIDAS Anna Menstrual Panties

The Anna model from Fridas Underwear is a high-waist model, which makes it the ideal menstrual panties to live your menstruation feeling comfortable and safe at the same time.

This pair of panties is specially designed for absorbing your menstruation, without feeling wet or uncomfortable. After using them, wash them like you would do with your normal underwear and you can reuse them. Other perfect alternative for a sustainable and a healthy menstruation!

In addition, its unique design is also ecofriendly. The outer layer is from an innovative material called Crabyon, completely sustainable and with a texture similar to cotton that perfectly fits your body.


Crabyon is a fiber composed of chitina extracted from marine litter such as crab or shrimp shells. It’s a totally biodegradable fabric that has no impact on the environment, but it also allows to take advantage of the waste from the food industry.

Nevertheless, the best thing is that this fabric is ecological, hypoallergenic and totally suitable for the most sensitive skins. In fact, did you know that this fabric is used as thread to suture or in case of extreme burns?


On the other hand, this model of menstrual panties contains a pad in the inner part. It’s made up of three main components that absorb your menstruation without feeling humidity and preventing it from getting through:

  • Organic cotton facing the skin: it allows your blood to flow towards the interior of the panties. This fabric also allows you to feel dry all the time, avoiding those annoying itches and irritations.

  • Absorbent layer of bamboo: it quickly absorbs your menstrual pain, it avoids the proliferation of bacteria and again, it prevents humidity. You won’t feel wet while you use them.

  • Waterproof layer: it’s composed of recycled plastic. An essential layer that makes Fridas panties leak-proof. Say goodbye to your worries!

All these fabrics are European and they have the OEKOTEX- standard 100 certification.

How to use Anna menstrual panties?

Anna menstrual panties are used as you would use your normal underwear. The only difference is that they absorb your menstruation. You can wash them in the washing machine and then keep on using them each cycle over the years.

You can wear them:

  • Alone, without using anything else.

  • As additional protection with your menstrual cup or with tampons.

These menstrual panties are perfect to sleep, do sport, go to work… It’s up to you! You can use them combined with other menstrual to feel more confident, during the days of intense vaginal discharge or without anything during your menstruation.

How long can you wear them?

You can wear Anna menstrual panties between 3 and 12 hours, depending on your menstrual flow. As we always say, it’s important that you get to know yourself and that you find out for yourself how many hours you can wear them — just like you would do with a pad or your menstrual cup.

How do you wash them?

The washing of the menstrual panties is very simple, just take into account the following indications:

  • Rinse the panties in cold water as soon as you take them off, until the water comes out clean

  • Put them in the washing machine using a cold water program (30º maximum)

  • Use a detergent without softener or bleach

  • Let them air-dry — do not use dryer

Our advice is to use a rack if you put them in the washing machine in order to preserve the elasticity of the panties. 

Another option is to hand wash them as soon as you take them off with a pill soap without softeners. You can use our special soap for bloodstains.


These panties are made in France, with fabrics from nearby European countries.

The duration of the panties will depend on the use you give them, on your menstrual flow and on the number of the washes. But it’s very important to follow our directions so that they last for a very long time.

Below you can see a chart of equivalencies to know what is your size:



Exterior: 96 % of crabyon and 4 % of elastane.
Pad: 100 % of organic cotton/ bamboo / PU*

Embroidered elastics (blue, pink or garnet)

*All components are of ecological origin and without chemicals.


Waterproof, ecological, antibacterial and absorbent.

Provider: Fridas Underwear (FR)

Made in Portugal

kind of product :MENSTRUAL PANTIES