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Thong Menstrual panties

29,90 €

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Have you ever dreamt of sleeping without the fear of staining your sheets when you're menstruating? Or playing sports without thinking about your pad sliding around? Living your menstruation without wearing anything?

You wear them, menstruate without worrying, wash...


Menstrual panties COCORO Thong

Featuring COCORO, the first Spanish brand designing underwear for menstruation.  Breathable, leak-resistant and with a piece of antibacterial fabric. You don't have to use anything else! 

Are you ready to throw away that old underwear that you have stored for your menstrual days? COCORO menstrual panties hold up to the equivalent of two tampons plus... they are pretty and comfortable.

Menstrual underwear is another sustainable way to live your menstruation. Reusable and completely made in Spain. With a lifespan of about 60 washings, you can use it for about two or three years, and later on, you continue using it as normal underwear.

The thong model is made of cotton, it's very comfortable and has a wide and elegant waistband. The absorbent area, slightly smaller than in other models, has the same properties as the other Cocoro panties. Ideal for light flow days and for vaginal discharge! But you can also combine it with your menstrual cup or tampons if your menstruation is heavy.

Here you can see the equivalence-table to see which size fits you better. If you are in doubt, we recommend that you buy the largest one, since they tend to be slightly smaller, and also keep in mind that when we menstruate we tend to be more swollen than normal.



Outer layer: 84% polyamide / 16% elastane. Intermediate layer (only on the bridge): 100% polyester. Inner layer: 90% cotton / 10% elastane. Waistband: 90% polyamide / 10% elastane


No huelen, absorbentes, hidrófugas, transpirables, antibacterianas.

Caring and cleaning

For optimal care of your COCORO panties hand wash or machine wash them with cold water, at a temperature of 30º.

As for what soap or detergent to use with your Cocoro, the manufacturer recommends that you use a soap without softening agents, natural oils or Marseille soap, since these components can weaken the tissue's absorption capacity.

Avoid using softener and bleach or any detergent that contains these products.

Do not tumble dryer or iron. The best way to dry them is to hang them under the sun or in a place with natural light.

Supplier: Cocoro (ES)

Made in Spain and Portugal

kind of product :MENSTRUAL PANTIES
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