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Bolsa copa menstrual

Menstrual cup bag

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Breathable ecological cotton bag to protect and store your menstrual cup. One size only, suitable for all three sizes of menstrual cup.



Bag for storing the menstrual cup

This cotton bag is the best choice for your CYCLO medical silicone menstrual cup.

Made of 100% ecological cotton, this bag allows your menstrual cup to perspire, while remaining isolated from contact with other objects.

Why a bag for the menstrual cup?

The bag where you put your menstrual cup is very important to keep its good condition, to avoid bad odors, as well as to make the menstrual cup last as long as possible.

CYCLO menstrual cup is made 100% of hypoallergenic medical silicone without dyes, that is why the cup should be stored in a case or bag that allows perspiration. This way, the silicone will remain in good condition and you can put in it your freshly washed cup without worrying about moisture.

You should never store your cup in a plastic bag or in an airtight container because it can damage the material and generate bad odors.

Advantages of menstrual cup bag

  • Its size and lightness: it does not weigh or take up space, which allows you to take your menstrual cup anywhere and travel with it without adding unnecessary weight.

  • It is breathable: this ensures good preservation of the menstrual cup and prevents your menstrual cup from smelling.

  • Versatility: in addition to carrying your menstrual cup, it also allows you to store your cloth pads, CYCLO textile soap or other objects.

Features of menstrual cup bag

Ecological cotton

The menstrual cup bag is made of 100% organic cotton OekoTex certified. This ensures its quality, the absence of chemical substances and its durability.

In addition, the bag is made in Spain, as is the CYCLO menstrual cup.

Secure closure

CYCLO bag to store your cup has a rope so that the closure is secure and the cup does not come out of it. This way you can carry it safely.


CYCLO cloth bag is small and allows you to put your cup anywhere, as well as carry it in any bag, backpack or suitcase without taking up space.

Dimensions: 10x14cm

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