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CYCLO menstrual cup

25,90 €

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Menstrual cup made with 100% hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. Cotton bag included



Are you thinking of buying the cup but have doubts about the size because you are right between two sizes? Do you think that perhaps the cup will not adapt to your physiognomy for some reason? Don't worry, we have created the guarantee of adaptation to the CYCLO menstrual cup that you need.

If you have any doubts, before you buy your drink it's best to...your...

  • Write to us for a personalized recommendation: here o a info@ilovecyclo.com
  • Choose the cup that corresponds to you according to our sizing guide:
    1. Menstrual cup size S: If you are under 18 and have not had sex with vaginal penetration.
    2. Menstrual cup size M: If you are under 30 years old and have not had any vaginal births (also if you are under 18 years old but are already having sex).
    3. Menstrual cup size L: If you are over 30 years old (whether you have given birth or not) and if you have had a vaginal delivery (regardless of your age).
Menstrual cup sizes

We know that every person is different and we cannot measure your vagina to be able to advise you with total security the size that corresponds to you, but we have verified that in 99% of the cases the size that a client chooses following our guide of sizes or asking for personal advice, is the RIGHT one.

If you think you're part of that other 1%, don't worry, this guarantee is for you!

What is the guarantee of adaptation to the CYCLO menstrual cup?

If, after at least 3 test cycles following our recommendations on the size, use and care of the CYCLO menstrual cup, you are not comfortable with your cup size, you have a lot of leakage or you feel pain when inserting or removing it, we will change your size to another size you choose (S, M, L). However, the second cup is not guaranteed.

What does the warranty cover?

If after three cycles, following the proper use and care of the cup, it does not adapt to your body (leaks, discomfort, etc.) and you want to change your cup for another size.
This warranty only covers CYCLO menstrual cups obtained through this website. It does not cover the purchase of the CYCLO menstrual cup from third parties (online distributors or in physical stores).

Before making use of the fitting guarantee, you can always contact us so that we can try to resolve your doubts and help you adapt to the cup.

How to make use of the warranty?

Write to us (via our contact form) telling us why you want to make use of the guarantee (what problem you have with your menstrual cup) and indicating.

  • Number the reference of the request (or the reference of the request) and indicating:
  • Subject: Menstrual cup guarantee
  • Description: Detailed reason why you want to apply for the guarantee
  • Attachment: Photos of your current menstrual cup
What is not covered by the warranty?

Damage caused by improper use or care

For example: Sterilizing it for longer than indicated, making cuts or manipulating the shape of the cup, or leaving your cup within reach of animals.

If you choose your CYCLO menstrual cup size without taking into account our sizing guide or without following our personalized recommendation.
For example: Buy size S when you are under 18 but have had penetrative sex, or size M when you have had a vaginal birth.

Menstrual cup sizing

*This warranty is available for orders placed after April 20, 2020