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11,50 €

2 Unidades + Bolsa de Tela  Los discos de lactancia de tela de algodón ecológico son una alternativa reutilizable para absorber las pérdidas de leche que se producen entre tomas durante la...

17,50 €

Pack of 3 night cloth pads for 46,89€* CYCLO forever is our ecological cloth pads line – comfortable, soft and breathable reusable pads.

32,90 €

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping without the fear of staining your sheets when you're menstruating? Or playing sports without thinking about your pad sliding around? Living your menstruation...

8,90 €

CYCLO textile soap is the first soap specially designed to take care of your cloth pads. This soap has been formulated naturally and environmentally friendly and thinking especially for CYCLO *...

2,50 €

*THE CYCLO CUP INCLUDES 1 COTTON BAG Breathable ecological cotton bag to protect and store your menstrual cup. One size only, suitable for all three sizes of menstrual cup.