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Menstrual cramps infusion.

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9,50 €

Can you imagine a delicious infusion that really helps you calm your menstrual pain?   It will reduce your swelling, relieving and helping you flow and feel better. Plus, berries and vanilla flavor...

9,50 €

Would you like to prepare your body for the menstrual phase? This infusion with hints of lemon and ginger will help you to reduce inflammation and prevent menstrual pain. 80 gr bag that will last...

14,90 €

A mug designed and manufactured in Spain so you can enjoy your favorite CYCLO infusion, sterilize your menstrual cup or drink that coffee that gives you life in the morning.

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Menstrual cramps infusion

In CYCLO we are all-in for living our menstruation positively, toxin-free, respecting our health and our planet. So, one of our favorite ways to treat menstrual discomfort is through infusions for menstrual cramps.

Sometimes menstruation can be annoying, and we know it. Although it would be ideal to rest and relax in order to deal with it effectively, we know that with our current pace of life it is almost impossible. That's why we offer you our menstrual cramps infusions, formulated to help you throughout your menstrual cycle.

Introducing small changes in our daily lives, such as including specific infusions for menstrual cramps, will help you a lot to treat these symptoms that can be very annoying in some cases.

In CYCLO you can find two infusions:

MENSTRUAL RELIEVING infusion: a natural soft rooibos with a careful mixture of herbs such as hibiscus, marigold, fennel and rose hips specifically combined to relieve the discomfort associated with menstruation.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY infusion: perfect for preparing the body for the menstrual phase. It helps to prevent the inflammation that usually accompanies us during this phase producing pain and discomfort.

Effects of menstrual cramps infusion

Thanks to menstrual cramps infusions, we can increase our liquid intake and so help to reduce water retention on days previous to our menstruation. Besides,  if we drink our menstrual cramps infusions warm, we also stimulate our blood flow, helping menstrual blood to flow smoothly.

The components of our anti-inflammatory infusion, such as chamomile or sage, or spices such as cinnamon, serve to relax us. In this way, we help our body eliminate everything it is trying to expel more easily naturally. While ginger and turmeric relieve swelling by their anti-inflammatory properties.

On the other hand, the menstrual relieving infusion is composed of a mixture of hibiscus, marigold, fennel and rose hips. Herbs that together manage to relieve the contractions that many women suffer during menstruation. The unique and sweet flavor is mainly due to its red fruits: raspberry, strawberry and a soft touch of vanilla.

Ingredients of our infusions

The MENSTRUAL RELIEVING infusion contains: apple, natural rooibos, hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel, fennel, natural aroma, marigold, raspberry, strawberry, apricot, bourbon vanilla. 

The ANTI-INFLAMMATORY infusion to reduce swelling and improve digestion is composed of: Citronela, lime blossoms, chamomile, melissa, lemon peel, ginger, anise, cinnamon sticks, valerian, sage, clove, turmeric and lemon-flavored tea tree.

All ingredients are organic farming so that we can absorb all properties without harmful additions to our body.

The infusion is totally gluten-free.

How does it help to relieve menstrual cramps?

For centuries, we have turned to nature to treat discomfort. In fact, infusions have been used to relieve menstrual cramps since ancient times. That's why we believe it's very important to rely on infusions specially formulated for menstrual cramps.

In the case of the menstrual relieving infusion, hibiscus and rose hips are digestive and together with fennel and marigold have anti-inflammatory and cycle-regulating properties. Mixed with raspberry, strawberry and a soft touch of vanilla, it will relieve your pain by making your menstruation a pleasant experience.

In addition, this infusion helps you manage the swelling, make the contractions of the uterus less strong, make the blood flow better and relax the muscles. In short, the infusion for menstrual pain deflates, relaxes and improves digestion. Three primary effects to make you feel better while menstruating and help you live your menstruation in positive.

On the other hand, the anti-inflammatory infusion contains ginger, a root with a strong anti-inflammatory power which contains many antioxidants. It is also recommended in case of heavy digestion, which often occurs during the menstrual phase.

Turmeric is another of its most important ingredients, which also deflates and helps control blood sugar levels. Along with other herbs like chamomile also relaxes you.