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CYCLO Sustainable Menstruation was born in 2016 as a means to provide some answers to all those women who, like Paloma Alma, its founder, did not find a solution to problems such as health issues, or where to find ecological feminine hygiene products, chemical-free, socially responsible and made in Spain.

Besides, there was the issue of where to find a mentor who you can turn to in order to receive menstrual education and learn more about our cycle. Paloma wanted other women to be able to break up with the taboo and live their menstruation positively.

Through our work in social media and our workshops in Spain, thousands of women have joined our mission and together we have become Taboo Breakers.

Welcome to the #SustainableRevolution

Paloma Alma

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018 Spain


I'm Paloma, a menstrual educator and founder of the CYCLO Sustainable Menstruation project.

My desire is to help girls and women to understand that they can live their menstruation in a positive, healthy and ecological way.

I have been teaching workshops on menstrual education since 2016 and creating content on social media where I teach in a didactic and dynamic way everything that you've never been told about your menstruation.

I also give talks about female entrepreneurship and sustainable menstruation in companies and events.

I declare myself a #TabooBreaker

Elise Langone


I'm Elise, a social entrepreneur and Business Developer of CYCLO Sustainable Menstruation.

I bet on social innovation and the environment, and that's why I didn't hesitate to join the CYCLO Sustainable Menstruation project in 2017.

I work on the financial and operational management of the company and I run the development and growth of this project: I'm always trying to be economically and environmentally sustainable.

My next challenge: to turn CYCLO into an international project to reach more women.

I declare myself a #TabooBreaker